We work with each client to develop a plan that fits their needs. This begins with deciding on the platform; are we creating something for mobile users, an HMD (Oculus, Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard), Facebook, Youtube, or an app? This will help guide the entire workflow and is essential to understanding the client's goals. 

From here we can then discuss the project creatively, over one or several consulting sessions. Mixtape will provide you a written brief, with accompanying storyboards. This is the stage in which we agree upon how to tell the story. 


The production process is where the creativity happens. We know what story to tell, now we have to build the perspective. Whether it is a built CG world, or one involving cutting edge cameras with ambisonic audio, we are placing the viewer in the environment and the world that we are creating. This takes technical precision, but also gives the director a sense of control and responsibility. 

In VR we are not asking the viewer to be a passive engager in the content. When they put on a headset, they are committing to a perspective and are expected to be engaged and immersed in a new space. 

Post Production/


Our post-production process is multi-armed and must work in tandem. Before anything is shot, we are also preparing for stitching, editing, additional graphics/SFX, interactive engagement within a gaming engine, and most importantly, the 360 degree ambisonic sound mix. All of this is done in synch, either in house, or with partner companies that specialize in those areas. 

At this point we come back to the development process and our platform delivery. Our team will finalize the project and export it to the platforms discussed with the client. 

This delivery process will be based on deadlines previously arranged in development, and may be multi-tiered depending on the project.