Day 30/33: Three Days Left

Yesterday we almost made our crazy day, but the the storm hit.

Something we struggled with from the beginning is how prohibitive working with a cast of minors is. Sometimes they’re late for their call because they can’t get out of bed. Sometimes they’re too hyper or tired and can’t focus on giving their performance. All these things made getting everything we are planning to shoot challenging. Because of weather and playing catch up from our lead’s absence our last three days are scheduled 6 pages each, a stretch from even professional actors, let alone children. Yet we almost made it. There are two days left, plus a half-day for various pickups. Watching back the footage from our first week is jarring.

Already, some people have had to leave. Teachers are coming back into the schools we’re sleeping in to prepare for the new school year. It’s storming outside and it’s starting to feel like fall. But this was summer camp for us. I don’t think we as a crew would have gotten as close if we hadn’t been living in such close proximity to each other. We all like each other and enjoy working together. We may just keep making our crazy days.

Ksenia Stassiouk