Day 27/33: Women in Film and 80s Junkyard Photoshoots

We’re full speed ahead. We’re in the final stretch. We’re elated. It feels like we made it! Even with a week more to go and now it feels bittersweet.

I’ve made amazing friends here. I’ve been surrounded by fantastic women, powerful women who inspire and make each other feel good. We’re celebrating our last day off with a glam 80s photshoot in the local junkyard. All around me is laughter and smiles. It smells like perfume and there’s glitter in the air.

We only have a week left to shoot but it’s invigorating. We’re checking off scene after scene, getting closer to the end. I want to go home but working on this movie has taught me so much. It’s not over yet but we’ll be sad when it is.

Ksenia Stassiouk