Slash/Back: Day 23/33 - Casting Actors in a Tiny Town

We come from Toronto. Casting background actors in a city generally means reaching out to a couple of agencies and letting them search their database for the right fit. And then we came here.

The lifeline of the town is Facebook. Pangnirtung Sell and Swap and News and Announcements Facebook pages have anything you could ever need to find, from lost items, to job postings and bake sales. Casting actors involved making an announcement on the town’s radio station and Facebook pages and asking for volunteers. Not every household has phone or internet all the time and sometimes the most direct method to communicate anything from a callback to a call time would be going to the person’s house and letting yourself in ( only the RCMP knocks).

For a movie with a predominantly teenage cast looking for background actors for a large party scene is me scouring Facebook profiles for kids who look to be certain ages (bonus points for profile picture with the Snapchat dog-ears filter), then their friends, and if I’m lucky, their parents. Speaking with parents means the kid will show up. Speaking with the kid means my chances are 50/50. I also understand that teenagers now think Facebook is lame, but I just can’t bring myself to be looking for them on Instagram or Snapchat. My own Facebook timeline is just endless angsty memes and filtered selfies.

Help me.

Ksenia StassioukComment