Venturing Into VR

What can I say about Virtual Reality that hasn’t already been said?  It’s incredible and new and to me - scary.  There’s a lot to learn.


However, it’s not all serious.  Now, you don’t have to just look at a flamingo.   You can BE a flamingo (I’m the tall one).  Nyla and I visited Digi Playspace at the TIFF Lightbox, and even though its target demographic is a fraction of our age, we had a blast.  We weren’t the only ones jumping hopscotch to play a tune and we were not the only adults to color in a fish drawing to have it scanned so it can swim in front of us on a digital screen.  VR/AR is amazing because all it needs is a crazy idea.   Brilliant minds coupled with brilliant technology.  Its newness takes away its pretentiousness.  There is no industry standard yet.  There is no “right” way to do things; there aren’t patterns or traditions.  Because the medium itself is emerging, even coming into it at this point isn’t a death sentence.  What’s important is the drive to learn and to create. 


It’s an immersive experience that takes away borders.  It’s a new world growing seemingly every day.  I’m lucky to jump in with Nyla, who’s been in VR since the beginning.  I’m still watching over her shoulder, listening more than I speak, trying to figure out how VR actually happens.  The world of film is familiar, but VR?  Stay tuned for my findings.